Catherine Bird

This collection of pages are to help the reader decide if they want to book an appointment, learn from me, develop ideas with me or discover more information to assist their horse’s health and wellbeing. If you are viewing on a mobile phone, scroll down the three dots to open up the blog’s article menu.

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I have been one of Australia’s leading equine natural health professionals and based in Sydney since 1995.  My experience working with horses goes back more than two decades from newborn thoroughbred foals and following them through all stages of racing, Olympic level competitors, NSW Mounted Police, mounts selected by various countries at the Sydney Paralympic Games 2000, and horses special to their owners. I have maintained a loyal clientele of humans for over thirty years.

I am the author of Horse Scents (Making Sense with Your Horse Using Aromatherapy) and A Healthy Horse the Natural Way published by New Holland Publishers and in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as well as through Lyons Press in the United States. Both publications are now out of print but I am working on several eBooks to be released this year.  I have provided the Equine Aromatherapy Correspondence Course since 1998 which boasts graduates on all continents.

These pages will publish blogs on various healing modalities so that I can continue share my knowledge and ideas with horse people globally.

Please contact me if you find something within these pages that interests you, if you wish to book an appointment or use one of my other services.