Hannah Hooten – Racing and Romance Novels

Hannah Hooten has released her latest novel and I have not had time to review – if it is as good as Share & Share Alike – you are in for a another treat with Making the Running.  If you wish to purchase link, the Amazon product page is http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TSN79KY/ Readers can also find more information on Hannah’s website http://www.hannahhootonbooks.blogspot.com/p/books.html  Hint from Hannah -it might be worth mentioning that the first book in the series, Keeping the Peace, is available to download for free. Previous review: 09/04/2014 Having the time to read fiction is a rare treat. When Hannah Hooten asked me to review Share & … Continue reading Hannah Hooten – Racing and Romance Novels

Each horse needs a unique approach

How you approach the management of your horse’s health depends very much on individual filters. Every situation requires individual assessment. For example, I may get two requests for a supportive program for a horse with laminitis. Horse 1 is in extreme pain and under the care of veterinarian as well as a hoofcare specialist. The herbs I suggest to support the healing process need to complement and not be in opposition to the prescribed veterinary care. To philosophically insist that all veterinary prescriptions be ceased and the horse wholly rely on herbs and essential oils could challenge the owner’s mental … Continue reading Each horse needs a unique approach