Hannah Hooten – Racing and Romance Novels

Hannah Hooten has released her latest novel and I have not had time to review – if it is as good as Share & Share Alike – you are in for a another treat with Making the Running.

MTR Front Cover Large w Bk 4 text 1
 If you wish to purchase link, the Amazon product page is http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TSN79KY/
Readers can also find more information on Hannah’s website http://www.hannahhootonbooks.blogspot.com/p/books.html  Hint from Hannah -it might be worth mentioning that the first book in the series, Keeping the Peace, is available to download for free.

Previous review:


Having the time to read fiction is a rare treat. When Hannah Hooten asked me to review Share & Share Alike I wondered when I would have time. I sent a pdf version to my smartphone and read every spare moment; I found time while on the bus, the train and when I was early for an appointment. In these moments I was scrolling through the pages and getting lost in the world Hannah had created.

What a wonderful mixture – the world of racing with an undercurrent of romance and for me the added suspense of solving a mystery.

Years ago I had spent a lot of time at the racetrack, I was on the fringe where characters like those Hannah had created truly existed. Hannah has captured that world with accuracy and a hint of intrigue, and for myself it was like revisiting an old friend.

Click on the book cover and it will take you to Hannah’s webpage.

Share and Share Alike Front Cover Large

Talk 2 Horses is another WordPress blog where Pat Miran has done a review and I can only reinforce what she has to say. There are also links on this page to where you can buy your digital copy, depending on your device and preferred format.


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