Equine Aromatherapy Course – 21st Birthday

To celebrate 21 years, the Equine Aromatherapy Course has a new logo with refreshed course notes. 

To celebrate the longevity of the course, until 31 December 2020, course fees have been discounted.

Email Catherine and an PayPal transaction can be organised.

Aromatherapy is a very personal experience for both the horse and practitioner/owner and as each participant builds their foundation during the course, they are encouraged to develop their own creative expression of how they will grow with the knowledge shared in this course.

The participant can expect to competently use aromatherapy with horses in a professional manner and achieve desired results. This course is aimed at the serious horse owner or the practitioner. This is a stand-alone course however combines well with any of the healing modalities a participant may have already studied.

The course is designed to develop confidence with the practical application of essential oils to work with horses on a physical and emotional behavioural level. Catherine Bird is also available to assist, mentoring each participant no matter what their level of experience, whether no previous knowledge as they commence their journey or guiding the integration of essential oils for those experienced in other modalities.  

There are comprehensive the notes and recommended reading, with an assignment to be completed with each segment. It is suggested that each participant complete each assignment within a calendar month.

Most participants finalise their submissions within six to eight months, with the expectation to complete within one year. Life does happen sometimes and course work can be paused if necessary.

Cost per segment was $150 if paid for separately, total being $900 AUD

If purchasing all six segments at commencement, the fee was $750 AUD

To celebrate 21 years – until 31st December 2020

Birthday price is $125 per segment (total being $750)

or if paying the complete course at commencement to $625 AUD

Overseas participants may send their payments by Paypal, while Australian participants may also do a direct debit. (If you prefer Etsy payments, a custom listing can be set up, however Etsy adds your country’s local GST/VAT to transactions).

Course material is emailed in pdf form, and assignments may be submitted by email or traditional postal services. Catherine is available by email throughout, and if you need that ‘personal’ connection ZOOM or Skype support discussions can be arranged.

Once all the assignments are completed, participants can then request to sit an open book examination with a set time limit to complete. This is an opportunity for each participant to revisit their journey through the course and understand how their individual approach to using essential oils with horses has evolved.

Examination fee is $30 AUD.

A certificate of completion is issued after Catherine has reviewed the examination.

If needed a confirmation of hours of completion can be provided if using the course to meet CPE requirements.

To be able to use essential oils to their best advantage with physical issues effectively participants are encouraged to source some form of bodywork course with horses and develop their hands-on skills. Those already working as practitioners will discover the use of essential oils enhance their work, and those going on to further study will be able to integrate their knowledge further.

Participants who have completed the course have used essential oils with their own horses, enhanced professional practices, studied further to make essential oil products for horses, some have even begun teaching. Whatever direction you go in once you have completed the course, Catherine is available as a sounding board.

The participant is encouraged to develop their understanding so that they can interpret with discernment material written about aromatherapy for a human application so as to determine if an essential oil would be suitable to use with horses or where to be cautious.

Segment One looks at the history of aromatherapy, how essential oils work, the importance of vital signs and knowing your boundaries.

Segment Two details 25 essential oils with a supporting appendix of many more, the importance of sourcing quality products and carriers, and looks at using safely.

Segment Three discusses at methods used to select your essential oils, once selected then how to blend for topical applications.

Segment Four provides an overview of combining with tactile therapies, knowing our limits and ethical practice.

Segment Five introduces to the anatomy of energy and how essential oils work on this level as well as the physical and emotional layers of an issue.

Segment Six is where participants submit case histories with explanation and reasoning.

Examination Don’t be daunted by the word ‘examination’ – this is designed to illustrate the participant’s journey and how their knowledge is now applied with horses.  

With any submission if a question is not answered fully, the participant is given the opportunity to redress that question so help further refine their learning.

It is important to Catherine each participant is able to shape their learning to get what they need from this course. If you are considering doing this course you are invited contact Catherine with your questions, please use the blog contact box below.

Horse Scents PDF eBook has recently been republished (paperback first published in 1999) as it may give you further insight into if this course is for you. A copy can be downloaded from catherinebird.com.au

Student Testimonial

I have just completed Catherine Bird’s Equine Aromatherapy correspondence course and I would have to say that I thought it was fantastic!! I have been addicted to aromatherapy for just over 10 years, completing various courses on the subject, and also massage and herbs. I also run herbal and aromatherapy craft workshops.
I found Catherine course just so interesting with loads of new information that I just couldn’t stop until I finished it!!!
The whole course really got me thinking from start to finish and the best thing was that I knew that I could email the group and Catherine any time I had a question. The information I learnt from previous questions and replies on the email group was great as well. 
The results that I have had from using essential oils on horses have been amazing. I have been so impressed by how the horses have improved in various ways – one horse had almost a complete personality change (bad PMT I think!)! Essential oils have been used on people for years with wonderful results – try Equine Aromatherapy – it is just as wonderful. After completing Catherine’s course, your horse will certainly thank you. Thank you again Catherine for a wonderful course.

Sarah Linton New Zealand

Peer Review

As a practicing Aromatherapist on both humans and equines in the UK, I felt very privileged that Catherine Bird sent me, hot off the press as it were, a copy of her much awaited equine aromatherapy/massage course for my attention.
If you have an interest in using essential oils and massage in treating either your own horse or as an extension to your current massage therapy practice you must really consider completing this course compiled by Catherine. I honestly couldn’t put it down and have burned the midnight oil studying every segment.
The content of the course is interesting and informative, covering as it does every method of essential oils application, useful massage techniques and even the vibrational effects. We are led through the somewhat scary maze of oils selections, using cross-referencing methods including kinesiology and olfactory selection. This enables you to apply the right oil in the right place at the right time and there is as much scientific information as you would need to know to practice safely. The chemical constituents of 25 essential oils are fully detailed with full information of the effects on the body and mind of the horse (and rider!!) There are case histories, horse physiology, advice on setting up a practice, discussions on methods of applications, making up of blends, the use of carrier oils and even information on making up your own creams and gels for application.
At the end of every section is an assignment that is not so much examining what you have learnt, but allowing you to put into practice what you have learnt from that particular segment and positively encouraging you to investigate further.
Catherine has a wealth of experience in the holistic treatment of the horse and the person; she has been a tutor and lecturer as well as a practitioner, an author, a convention speaker and a dedicated healer. Her style is easy to understand, very detailed but concise. If you were to dedicate yourself to this course for six months, you will have saved the trauma of years of treatments and case studies which has been the only way to learn this skill and most of all you will be effective.
The resource is now here, very reasonably priced (especially if you are in Europe or American with the way the exchange rate is at the moment!) and Catherine is only an email away to give you support and encouragement. I only wish it had been there for me when I first started out.

Lyn Palmer ITEC (Dip)


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