By Catherine Bird Massaging your horse/dog/cat can be a way to develop a bond between the two of you, and open up another level of understanding how your animal/dog/cat moves.   One thing a student finds foreign when learning to massage a animal is getting the feel of what is under their hands. It is not something everyone can feel automatically but it is possible with practice to be able to feel effectively. When your feel develops you will find you can begin to get an idea of what has happened to your animal in the past. When you are … Continue reading GETTING THE FEEL

Improving Your Riding Off Horse – few things that are good taken care of on the ground…

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We are just freshly back from another great, long weekend in Yorkshire running Aspire Grassroots clinic at Lindrick Livery – it is a little bit of a trek up North… Continue reading Improving Your Riding Off Horse – few things that are good taken care of on the ground…

Stretches for Your Horse

Sometimes a simple stretch can help your horse with a movement that may be a bit ‘sticky’. Before you stretch your horse, warm the muscles. You can do this by walking your horse for ten minutes, or massage the area you intend to stretch. Ensure your horse is squared up behind and on balanced ground before picking up the foreleg. It is important your horse relaxes into the stretches because if he tenses you will find it difficult to achieve the desired results. Your stretches should always be slow and gently moving into a slight resistance. Do not tie a horse … Continue reading Stretches for Your Horse

Horse Rub Hint

Is your horse giving you a hint as to where he needs you to massage? Ever thought your horse was trying to tell you something? If you scratch him he may move to where he really wants that scratch. If you miss this hint, and your horse rolls in dirt or sand, watch carefully. You may catch where his trying to put pressure himself. If you are lucky, when he stands up, the sand or dirt may have stuck to a few spots. Note this places before he shakes the dirt off. This is where he was trying to put … Continue reading Horse Rub Hint