Back into the Saddle

No matter what age we are, if we have had a break from riding when our horse has been recuperating from an injury or had a spell from training, we can all feel stiff and sore from the inflammatory response triggered by working our muscles again. Continue reading Back into the Saddle

Featured Student – Suzanne Regnier-Tront

Suzanne Regnier-Tront I’ve been providing the equine aromatherapy correspondence course since 1998 and it is rewarding when someone develops an understanding they can then shape into their own ideas. Over the next few months I am going to feature some of the students of the course who have done this and today is Suzanne Regnier-Tront. Suzanne has developed an exciting approach with her mists. When Suzanne signed up for my equine aromatherapy course roughly 2 years ago, she confesses having no hot clue what aromatherapy was all about. The only thing at the time that had piqued her interest was … Continue reading Featured Student – Suzanne Regnier-Tront