Aromatherapy is a very personal experience for both the horse and practitioner/owner and as each participant builds their foundation during the course, they are encourage to develop their own creative expression of how they will grow with the knowledge shared in this course.

The participant can expect to competently use aromatherapy with horses in a professional manner and achieve desired results. This course is aimed at the serious horse owner or the practitioner. The knowledge gained  combines well with any healing modalities a participant may have already studied.

The course is designed to develop confidence with the practical application of essential oils to work with horses on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Completed by students from every continent over the last twenty years. Since October 1998 many have gone on to further studies or enhanced the modalities they already used, shared their interest in essential oils by teaching themselves, or developing their own business ideas from the foundation they have gained from the course, or simply used it to enjoy their own horses with a new understanding.

After having a ‘classroom’ focus in the earlier years, Catherine now mentors each participant individually so that they take with them knowledge that matches their personal goals with essential oils.

If you have any questions regarding the opportunity to learn aromatherapy for horses with Catherine, please use this contact form, and you can expect a reply within 24 hours.


Hi Catherine
I am happy to tell you that I have completed the examination, yay!
I have enjoyed doing your course. Then when I did the examination it was nice to know the answers and just revisit what I have already done with the assignments.
It is one of those things where I will always be learning and I’m looking forward to it.
Thank you for offering to be here for me in the future too as a mentor, you are very kind.
Kind regards Di (Victoria Australia) Wed, 12 Jun 2019

Hi Catherine,

… I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Aromatherapy course. As I explained to you in the phone call at the start of the course I felt I wanted to study aromatherapy after the completion of my herbal medicine course. At the time, quite naively, I thought I would learn some very handy tips and uses for essential oils, I didn’t have any previous experience with the use of the oils so I was quite aware that I had a lot to learn. Well….my learning curve was straight up…..the more I studied the course notes the more interesting it became and the more I realized the power that these little bottles had. I could easily understand, from a scientific point of view, that the application of essential oils could be beneficial for healing. But, my ‘light bulb moment’ was in the use of the oils for treating emotional imbalances and the ease at which this could be done.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your course, and I know I will miss the challenge of study but I honestly feel this is just the beginning of a very interesting journey and I wanted to thank you for all your help and support on the way.


Cathie (NSW Australia) Thu, 29 Nov 2018

Thank you for your tips and always positive attitude during this course. I appreciate that.

Wish you all best and thank you!

Marija (Croatia) Fri, 26 Dec 2014


Hi Catherine

Thank you for a great course

Kind Regards

Kellie (QLD Australia) Sat, 24 Nov 2012