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Horse Scents ~ making sense with your horse using aromatherapy was first published in 1999.

June 2020 revised pdf edition Horse Scents is now available on Etsy at Aromawearables

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  • Jessica on Jul 3, 2020
    5 out of 5 stars
    another fabulous book by an incredible horse health practitioner – her first book was and is like a bible to many this too will become a go to!
    tthorsetouch on Jun 21, 2020
    5 out of 5 stars
    Anything produced by this wonderful individual is always a gem and this is no exception. Even though I have been using essential oils for over 30 years and addicted to books, already a number of pearls of wisdom and I have not completed reading the eBook.

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Stable Herbsa4

Stable Herbs – feeding dried herbs to your horse

2020 pdf edition will  be available at Aromawearables on Etsy soon.


A Healthy Horse the Natural Way (New Holland Publishers) You may be able to find a second hand copy or contact the publisher and request they do a reprint! Often a reasonably priced copy is available on second hand book sites.


Just as more and more people are embracing a more natural approach to their health and well being, many horse owners are turning to ways they can use natural therapies with their horses. A Healthy Horse the Natural way is the complete complementary approach to horse heath.

Most importantly, how and when to us a combination of these therapies and when to use them in conjunction with veterinary treatment. Natural therapies can improve a horse’s vitality and quality of life, bring balance to the body systems and emotions, help prevent illness and assist in the long-term management of chronic disease states. A Healthy Horse the Natural Way will help you interpret your horse’s healthy issues as they arise, and go beyond merely treating the symptoms to find the underlying cause. This practical handbook will add new dimensions to your horse’s health and sense of well-being, and help you develop an increasingly harmonious relationship with your horse.

New Holland distributed to book stores and saddleries in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand while for the US readers The Lyons Press was the distributor.


In brief ‘A Healthy Horse – The Natural Way’ is all about herbalism, massage, homoeopathy – even aromatherapy – for our equine friends.
If you’re sceptical about some of these treatments – be prepared for a lot of talk about vibrational healing and energy fields – but the author does go to some lengths to talk about how important it is to use these alternative remedies with traditional veterinary treatment. Catherine Bird has a lot to say which will provoke much debate among horse-people.

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Articles have been published in magazines over the last two and a half decades. Some of these magazines are:

Hastfynd (Sweden)   Holistic Horse (USA)   Natural Horse Magazine (USA) Horsewyse (Australia)   Hoofbeats (Australia)  Eques Magazine (Australia)  Horse Times (Egypt) Australian Equestrian (Australia)   Practical Riding (Australia)   Directions The Journal for Natural Health Professionals (Australia)   Equine Wellbeing (New Zealand) Equine Wellness (Canada)  Horse Deals (Australia) Keiba Book (Japan)

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