Herbal Spring Clean

When I first studying herbalism and other natural therapies over thirty years ago, the fashionable thing to do was to ‘detox’. This had been a twist on the traditional Physiomedical herbal approach to cleanse the system and then restore tone, and if done with the correct approach, you do achieve and restore health. Continue reading Herbal Spring Clean

Your Winter Herbal Tack Room

Your Winter Herbal Tack Room I have done a series of articles for Country Park Animal Herbs and they have been published over the years in Hoofbeats and Horse Deals Magazines. Over the next few months, now that a few years have passed, I will share these with my readers. For those of you in Australia, Country Park Animal Herbs sell most dried herbs in 1 kilo bags, an economical way to purchase quality herbs for your horse.  This article was published in March 2017. Your Winter Herbal Tack Room Winter brings with it a range of issues that can … Continue reading Your Winter Herbal Tack Room