Herbal Spring Clean

When I first studying herbalism and other natural therapies over thirty years ago, the fashionable thing to do was to ‘detox’. This had been a twist on the traditional Physiomedical herbal approach to cleanse the system and then restore tone, and if done with the correct approach, you do achieve and restore health. Continue reading Herbal Spring Clean

Guest Blogger – Carola Adolf – Trouble in the “zone”

Carola and I were asked by Horse Deals to provide an article on seedy toe. I posted my herbal support in an earlier blog, and now Carola has been kind enough to provide her equine bare foot care perspective. Carola and I have enjoyed a professional association for many years now, I am pleased to be able share her work with my readers. By Carola Adolf NEP 2014 (Pictures & Graphics Equine Soundness/ C. Garner) Another name (and probably a more appropriate, but interchangeable one) for the White Line of the horse’s hoof is the term “Zona Alba”, which in … Continue reading Guest Blogger – Carola Adolf – Trouble in the “zone”