How do I know if my horse likes an essential oil?

Responding to Essential Oils Working with such an individual technique that aromatherapy provides, you will find each horse has its own way of responding to the essential oils. How they show interest or disinterest will be unique to each horse, though there are some commonalities you can look for to help you decide if your horse wants or does not want the essential oil you have selected. One important foundation to aromatherapy is that you must ask your recipient if they like the essential oils you are going to use. This is common both to the human and horse scented … Continue reading How do I know if my horse likes an essential oil?

Equine Aromatherapy Course – 21st Birthday

To celebrate 21 years, the Equine Aromatherapy Course has a new logo with refreshed course notes.  To celebrate the longevity of the course, until 31 December 2020, course fees have been discounted. Email Catherine and an PayPal transaction can be organised. Aromatherapy is a very personal experience for both the horse and practitioner/owner and as each participant builds their foundation during the course, they are encouraged to develop their own creative expression of how they will grow with the knowledge shared in this course. The participant can expect to competently use aromatherapy with horses in a professional manner and achieve … Continue reading Equine Aromatherapy Course – 21st Birthday