'Healthy Happy Horses, Naturally' with Catherine Bird


Product Development

I enjoy working with a business when they wish to develop a product line. Two companies I have worked closed with are Country Park Animal Herbs (Australia) and Skode’s Low Sugar Horse Treats (USA). For other clients that often need a ‘bulk’ approach I have developed formulations such as those suitable for  thoroughbred spelling farms where they have many horses and need an easy all encompassing approach to service their clients.

I am currently working on an exciting new aromatherapy range for horses with a company that provides a unique range of essential oils. Watch this page for updates ~ I am looking forward to announcing this new product.


Attitude Blend for webFor Country Park Animal Herbs I formulated their seasonal blend range Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring. Each blend was created to address different health issues and with the brainstorming of Carol and Ruth they aligned with each season, making it easy for their clients to assist their horses with the rhythm of nature. Along with these blends I formulated their popular Attitude and Retirement blends.





For Skode’s Low Sugar Health Treats I have worked closely with Lori Yearwood to help her ideas become a reality. All of Lori’s treats are guaranteed low sugar and low starch via a professional laboratory analysis; are only certified organic and human grade ingredients — completely GMO Free; dehydrated at low temperatures to retain nutrients — not oven baked; and hand made by in small batches to guarantee freshness.


carobforcatherine-1As well as this Carob Berry Health bar, I also worked closely with Lori when she came to me with her Herbal Terrain Hay Mixers idea. The Mixers brought to horses on restricted diets the sense of Meadow, Desert/Stony Ground, Woods, and Ocean/Coastal tastes which later evolved into her Mash treats.

If you are interested in developing your own product line, there is an initial development fee with an ongoing royalty payment with any product developed.  


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