Featured Student – Suzanne Regnier-Tront

Suzanne Regnier-Tront

I’ve been providing the equine aromatherapy correspondence course since 1998 and it is rewarding when someone develops an understanding they can then shape into their own ideas.

Over the next few months I am going to feature some of the students of the course who have done this and today is Suzanne Regnier-Tront. Suzanne has developed an exciting approach with her mists.

When Suzanne signed up for my equine aromatherapy course roughly 2 years ago, she confesses having no hot clue what aromatherapy was all about. The only thing at the time that had piqued her interest was that it had to do with horses. She had just been able to reconnect with horses and wanted to spend as much time around them as possible.

After completing my course, Suzanne recognized that she could be looked upon as a “nutcase” or as a trailblazer. She chose to be viewed as the latter. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, aromatherapy is hardly a topic of discussion – let alone one to have in a “stable” environment!!!

As she was completing her coursework, related books were perused and read and Suzanne came upon an idea where hydrosols might be the cure for her cat who suffered from 3P trips (pee, puke, poop) within minutes of getting in a vehicle.

Using the blend for the first, Suzanne observed that it worked like a charm. Since then traveling to the lake or to the vet has no longer been a stressful ordeal. Suzanne decided this past summer to take her blends to 2 cat shelters to conduct some test trials.

The people were in awe and the cats in the shelters’ care instantly soothed and relaxed. It was truly a magical moment to witness multiple stressed cats being calmed so effectively and quickly.

Magical as it may be, Suzanne now has the daunting task of educating the public to the wonderful healing modality of aromatherapy.

Suzanne is currently marketing her 2 cat air mists and is working on both an air mist and oil blend for scared, stressed and anxious dogs. While she admits her goal was initially only to work with horses, she has branched out to include cats and dogs. After having spent 19 years in the elementary classroom setting, Suzanne finds entrepreneurship a very foreign path to be traveling down. Nonetheless, she is dealing with animals and life-long -learning continues.

Suzanne chose to name her business Scents of Relief.
To view her website go to : http://www.scentsofrelief.com


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